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The Magic Mountain Video

The Magic Mountain from Lexie Stoia on Vimeo.

Next move: to get the sensors working. The Magic Mountain is supposed to shut off when you get too close.


In Close Proximity (Yikes)

It doesn’t take much effort to make some LEDs blink with an arduino microprocessor. I think they teach kindergarteners how to do this now. I recommend the book Getting Started with Arduino by Massimo Banzi, instructables, and Hack n Mod. Microcenter, Sparkfun, and Adafruit are all good sources for supplies.
arduino_for_webI will be using arduino to control the pulsating lights & humming sound for The Magic Mountain. A couple infrared sensors will be respond to motion. If the viewer gets too close to The Magic Mountain it will begin to malfunction; even closer and the whole thing shuts off completely.

Here’s a low-quality video I made using arduino uno, an IR emitter and detector and these easy instructions. Intercepting the IR detection triggers the LED to switch.

Arduino IR Emitter & Detector from Lexie Stoia on Vimeo.

p.s. imovie is terrible