Artists & writers in the forest

Three residents in a cave
The Appalachian Forest Stewardship Residency is hosted at the Arc of Appalachia, a network of nature preserves in Southern Ohio. (photo by Clint Sleeper)

The pilot program of the Appalachian Forest Stewardship Residency is now complete.

There were two work days of invasive species pulling (bush honeysuckle, autumn olive);
cyanotypes of invasive species;
a jamboree in town;
cave hikes;
visits to the Mennonite bakery & grocery;
drinking & pictionary;
outdoor sculptures;
two stranded artists at the airport and one amazing friend who put them up for the night until they could get a ride down;
a visit to Serpent Mound and Fort Hill earthworks;
communal meals;
and a temperature drop of 45 degrees in one day.

Joel holding a mushroom.
Joel Atkinson holds a chicken of the woods (Laetiporus) mushroom found while foraging at nearby Pike State Forest. (photo by Ellen Pettruzzella)

If this sounds like your cup of tea, read more about the art residency here. Or email me, lexiestoia at gmail dot com to be added to the list for next year. Dates for the 2020 residency will be in late October/early November, announced shortly.

Andrea Jaeger of the Arc of Appalachia leads residents on a hike. (photo by Emma Akmakdjian)

Would you do an art residency right before, during, or after a presidential election? Drop out for a little bit?

dinner discussion.
Residents listen as Deanna Lee describes her art practice. (photo by Nate Larson)

Thank you to Columbus College of Art & Design for their support of the pilot program, and to the staff of the Arc of Appalachia for partnering with me.

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