Tired But Wired

mirrored_shardsSuddenly my bedroom walls were being pushed in by the predatory universe. The room was collapsing inward and the space was being broken into giant mirrored shards. I was worried they were spying on me through my computer.

I figured out that I could open my eyes. I did. I was unsure if I was still in the shard room cause it mixed with my room, but then it was just my room. I closed my eyes for two seconds and then

aggressive_neighborsA bunch of my neighbors were in my living room. They looked angered. I must have done something really wrong cause they were going to give it to me. There were others there that I didn’t know who were going to join them.

satans_messagesLater the devil was sending me messages. It was like a moog synth with crunchy sound shards and a low gurgle. Then I realized it was just my stomach growling.

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