Metal Mountain

I have been conducting research the last few weeks, clarifying what the install will look like, completed my welding tests, and begun to build the towers.


real_ramp_viewThe final sketch showing The Magic Mountain installed in its new site at the top of a ramp (more details about the site below).

parachute_domeAn earlier sketch demonstrating a change from creating individual skins for each tower to using a large domed transparent fabric to diffuse the light. I’m still unsure how I will solve the light diffusion problem but have a number of weeks of welding ahead of me with time to think on this.

unreal_ramp_viewA sketch that is more fantasy than reality in terms of the new ramp site. I unintentionally made what resembles a snow globe.

About the Site: The building in which I will initially display my piece is the Design Studios on Broad, part of CCAD’s campus and formerly an auto dealership. Because of this the space has high ceilings, large windows, and strange paths and ramps. I was hoping to install my piece at the top of stairs but blocking stairs is a fire code no-no. Placing The Magic Mountain at the top of a large ramp (see first sketch) can be viewed as a metaphor for the drive towards utopia as a space/experience.

we're_yellow_towersThe objects: Welded three-legged steel towers of varying heights between 2′ and 3′. (I like the unintentional sulfur yellow of the photo)

Electronics: I met with Alex Bandar from the Columbus Idea Foundry to discuss microcontrollers and sensors. To summarize, The Magic Mountain will be emitting light and a mechanical humming noise. When viewers approach it, the thing will start malfunctioning. If the viewer gets too close it will shut off completely.

What currently interests me:
The Self Illusion: How the Social Brain Creates Identity by Bruce Hood
Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visual
my fellow earcatchers
Aspen Mays incredible photograph made from exposing photographic paper to analog television snow:

copyright Aspen Mays.
copyright Aspen Mays.

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