Climbing the Magic Mountain

I’ve been thinking about the importance of play & humor in art-making and life in general. Amy Sedaris knows what I’m talking about. Also I keep on keepin’ my ears open. When my brain won’t stop being noisy I listen to my surroundings and it has a sedative effect.

This semester I am making a glowing scene; welded steel-antenna-like structures glowing (blue?) and sonically humming with life. I intend for it to be displayed in a dark room. As you get closer to the piece it buzzes, pops, and flashes, telling you to back away. If you get too close, it goes quiet and black. You must submit! I have always been interested in pieces that force the viewer to pay attention; the viewer becomes the object. Here’s a sketch:


Olafur Eliasson continues to be a huge influence. The man is a force of our time! Here’s a piece called Your Negotiable Panorama:

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer created an interactive piece called Voice Array that I was fortunate enough to see at Bitforms in NYC. What a delightful weirdo!

Voice Array, Subsculpture 13 - Sydney
Matt Flegle just introduced me to Roger Hiorns. I am captivated by the glowing blue of his piece Seizure.

03Roger_Hiorns_SeizureAnd finally, an undergraduate student at CCAD, Hunter Preston, blew me away with his video, AUX.

AUX from Hunter Preston on Vimeo.

For visual inspiration outside of created art I look at radio towers, get nostalgic over analog tv snow, and remember the utopia of Banff, Alberta.

06radio_towers05banff_centre_at_nightSound-wise there is the outrageously loud ventilation system at the OSU Martha Morehouse Pavillion and the hypnotic whirring of a juicer blade in action.

08Martha_Morehouse_Pavilion09juicer_bladeFinally I must mention Thomas Mann’s book The Magic Mountain. I joke that it will take seven years to read it (I just don’t want it to end). This poster for a movie adaptation perfectly captures the collision of modern technology, the body, and utopic atmosphere I intend to explore with my new piece:

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