The Happy Box Is Up

These are the modular panels of the Happy Box. The panels are relatively light, which makes me happy.

Erecting the Happy Box is a three person job (thanks Tony & David).

An overhead shot of the Happy Box. My point-and-shoot camera cannot capture the whole thing. Can you see the spiral shape? If not, take a look at the model in a previous post.

The Happy Box is up! Next I will line it with acoustic foam.

I must also add that today I had the pleasure of visiting the anechoic chamber at Ohio State University’s ElectroScience Lab. Thanks to Jim Moncrief for giving me a tour. The anechoic chamber is the largest of its kind associated with a university in the U.S. I’ve wanted to visit one since I was an undergraduate student, and my research on sensory deprivation (and sound control as it relates to the Happy Box) added fuel to the fire. (Plus, James Turrell and Robert Irwin visited one and that informed their work…) I can imagine it would be unnerving to be in one for more than twenty minutes.

Look at those endless rows of absorbers…

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