Winter Trips (3/4): NYC’s Hidden Art Gems

Unconventional retailers in NYC.

Warja Lavater at Printed Matter

Printed Matter
If you are an art book junkie, you must check out Printed Matter in Chelsea. Printed Matter is a non-profit hub featuring books following the idea of “artwork for the page.” Taking a democratic approach, Printed Matter sells books who have editions of 100+ (in contrast to finely crafted, limited edition art-objects.) More on their philosophy can be found here. In 2011, Printed Matter exhibited works by Warja Lavater, and is now selling many of her beautiful books: stories using symbols instead of words.

A poster made by Reference Library at Kiosk

The owners of Kiosk travel the world and curate a selection of items they find based on their country of origin. Recent themes include USA (Vermont specifically), Japan, India, and Sweden. They also keep a permanent collection of the most popular items from previous ‘exhibits.’ Examples of their selection of odds n’ ends: a Swedish mushroom knife, a mathematically beautiful bamboo steamer basket, and the poster above created by Reference Library.

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