Art al Fresco Preparations

The outdoor art event Art al Fresco takes place September 10th, 2011 from noon-10 pm throughout the Short North in Columbus, Ohio. I truly love the energy and the opportunity for artists to do site-specific works amongst businesses.

My installation will be in the old Burgundy Room window at Russell & High. The project is a sound map of an urban intersection, made of vellum paper modules and LED lights (to represent noise).  I’m curious to discover what other people perceive as ‘noise’ in an urban setting.  Human perception of sound and light, visual representation of data, and art as an experience fascinate me.

This is awkward.
That’s what I thought anyways when I approached strangers on the street to ask them to participate in my survey. On the September 3rd Gallery Hop in the Short North, I stood at the corner of Buttles and High to gather data. I asked people to write down the sounds they heard over a 10 second period, then mark a box if they considered it to be “noise” (undesirable signal).

I surveyed 25 people and received well over 100 responses. A couple of my own personal biases for approaching people: avoiding people with Jeni’s ice cream or other things in their hands (difficulty writing); avoiding groups of 5 or more (I only had 2 clipboards); since the OSU Buckeye game let out, I didn’t want an artificial Buckeye-fan bent so I minimally surveyed people in scarlet & grey.

Hope you can stop by to see the finished work on September 10th.

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